• When do registrations start?

    On November 25th, 2023.

  • What is the last date to register/to take the test?

    December 10th, 2023.

  • What should be the team size and composition?

    Participants are expected to form teams consisting of minimum two to a maximum three members, from within their campus. Teams may include students in the first year, or second year or a mix of both. Students of executive MBA or one-year MBA programmes are also encouraged to participate.

  • How to participate in the event and what is the event format?

    • Register for the event on the BLoC Boardroom Challenge website. Each team member’s details needs to be entered in the registration form and each member must have unique e-mail IDs and mobile numbers.

    • Each team must have a minimum of two and maximum of three members.

    • The teams competing in the Grand Finale will be given a challenging business problem to solve. This case will be sent to the team at least a week before the Finale. In solving this case, each team member has to assume a CXO’s role, and offer inputs to solve the problem from the respective CXO’s perspective. The team will then present their solution to the jury.

  • How do I reach out to the BLoC Boardroom Challenge team if I have any queries?

    For any queries, please reach out to us at events@thehindu.co.in or bloncampus@thehindu.co.in

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